Parents’ Guide and COPPA Notice

Effective: March 29th, 2022.

Age limits

Our games are not intended for children under the age of 13.

You can get more details on that in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can find published age recommendations on our game’s sites both on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. However, these age or maturity classifications refer only to the content in our games (similar to movie ratings such as G, PG or PG-13 in the U.S., but related to gameplay, animations, etc.). For more on age ratings in mobile games, please visit support websites for Apple and Google.

Creating a child account on your child’s device

Never allow your child to use a mobile device with an unrestricted account. Depending on the device your child uses there are several ways to limit or control any downloads or purchases they make. To do so, you can create a dedicated child account.

On Apple iOS devices you can create an Apple ID for your child – some of its settings and features will work differently depending on the age of your child, restricting their use of the device. You can also enable the Ask to Buy option which allows you to decide whether you want your child to download a certain app or not. This way, whenever your child wants to buy or download a new item you should be asked to approve it. If you decline – no purchase or download should take place. For more information on this feature, please visit the Apple support website.

On Android devices you can create a Google Account for your child and manage it with a feature called “Family Link”. This should allow you to manage your child’s activity in the Google Play Store, for example changing your child’s purchase approval settings, setting up parental controls and blocking or allowing certain apps to be installed. 

Turning off in-app purchases

Please, turn off or limit in-app purchases on your child’s devices if you don’t want it to make a purchase without your knowledge or consent. Please see how to do so on iOS and Android devices. 

Our games offer entirely optional purchases of special features, virtual in-game items together with virtual currency, or other goods. These purchases are never required to play the game, but can be used to enhance some elements of the gameplay. Purchases are paid for with real money and are always clearly labeled as such. They are accessible “in game”, meaning that the option to make a purchase is found within the game itself. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions to understand more about in-app purchases.

Items bought in our games are non-refundable. If you are looking for a refund of the purchase, which was made by your child please check Apple and Google support sites:

  • If the purchase was made on an Apple (iOS) device please visit Apple’s support website and select the “Contact iTunes store support” link, then “Purchases, billing and redemption” and choose the option that fits you best.
  • If the purchase was made on an Android device please visit Google’s support website and select relevant options.

Furthermore, if you or your child have never played one of our games, but you suspect that there has been fraudulent transaction activity on your account, then you should immediately contact Apple (for iOS devices) or Google (for Android devices), who control the transaction process.

Turning off ad tracking

To make sure your child’s data is not going to be shared with advertisers, you can always turn off ad tracking. Instructions on how to do so depend on your device. You can do this on both iOS and Android devices. Please see the guidelines on how to do this for iOS devices and for Android devices

Group chat

It is not safe to allow your child to chat with strangers online if not supervised.

We display regular warnings against sharing personal information and we might restrict access to our games for users, who spread or create content relating to violence, pornography, sexual, racial, ethnic, cultural or religious discrimination, promote alcohol, drugs or other forbidden substances, violate moral, social or ethic norms. Even though we try our best to create a secure environment for our players, with millions of downloads all around the world we are not always able to notice all inappropriate activity right away. It may happen that you encounter someone who spreads or creates inappropriate content.

It is crucial that you supervise your child’s online activity and stay attentive to any suspicious signs which may indicate that something is not right. Noticing that your child is being cyberbullied may not be easy but there are several symptoms which should always get your attention and make you alert:

  • unexpected changes in behavior – especially aggression, anger or hyperactivity;
  • depression, anxiety, unusual fears;
  • withdrawal from relationships with friends or from favorite activities and hobbies;
  • sudden changes in school performance;
  • running away or going missing;
  • self-harm or attempts at suicide.

If you notice any of those signs you should scrutinize if they may have any association with your child’s online activity and in certain situations – consider consulting a professional. If you see any abuse in our games, please report it to us through We will investigate and take action.

COPPA notice to parents

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and its rules (“COPPA”) requires us to inform parents and legal guardians about our practices for processing personal data from children under the age of 13. Please note, that we do not intend to collect, use, or disclose any personal information from your child under the age of 13 unless you provide us with your consent. This notice supplements our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and applies only to children under the age of 13 to whom COPPA applies.

 Who collects your child’s personal information?

This will depend on the game your child plays. Our games are published by a group of companies with headquarters in Cracow, Poland. Specific list of the companies with the information about the games they publish and all the contact details are available in our Terms and Conditions in the “Who are we?” section.

What kind of personal information do we collect from your child?

We only collect the amount of personal information that is reasonably necessary for your child’s activity in our games. It means that we may collect the following personal information from your child:

  • username;
  • email address and password (if an account was set up);
  • app usage data (such as system language or device model);
  • unique identifiers (such as advertising IDs or identifiers we assign to a player);
  • location (though we can’t pinpoint an exact location);
  • information about in-app purchases that were made in our games;
  • chat history*;
  • other information that your child will voluntarily disclose to us while for example reporting someone through our communication channels.

* Please note, that upon verification of your child’s age, we may turn off the collection of your child’s advertising identifiers as well as restrict access to the in-game chat.

How do we use the personal information collected from your child?

We use it primarily to provide the services which our players are using. It includes:

  • providing our games with all the functionalities they have;
  • analytics – we want our games to work correctly and we use certain data to improve them;
  • hacking, bullying and crime prevention – we verify any suspicious activity that is reported to us;
  • responding to our players’ queries – only when your child sends us one.

How do we disclose the personal information collected from your child?

As a general rule we do not share any of our players’ personal information unless it is reasonably necessary. We may share your child’s personal information only in a few, restricted situations:

  • we may share it with advertisement intermediaries, who communicate with advertisers. Please note, that this will be preceded by a separate prompt asking for permission to share data with advertisers;
  • we may share it with our service providers if it is necessary to provide our games;
  • we may also disclose personal information if permitted or required by applicable law – especially in situations when it is in the best interest of a child.

How can you access, review or update your child’s personal information?

As a parent or a guardian, you may review your child’s personal information, ask us to delete it and oppose further collection or use of that information. You may also permit us to collect and use information about your child while prohibiting us from disclosing the child’s information to third parties.

All these rights can be exercised by contacting us through For the child’s safety we may ask you for some additional information to make sure that you are the actual child’s parent/guardian.

In case you notice any child abuse – please contact us immediately!

If you notice your child is being harassed, bullied or exposed to any inappropriate comments, please contact us immediately at We will investigate and take action.

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