The Community Code

This is the introduction to the Community Code – our fair play policy here at Rage Quit Games. We want to create and provide all players with not only a secure and fair environment for gameplay, but also a fun one. 

When it comes to abusive behaviour, cheating in our games or disrupting other players’ experience, we have zero-tolerance. We expect all our players to play by the rules at all times and treat others fairly.

(TL;DR): We care about creating a great environment for our players, don’t ruin that for others.

Rule 1: Our community respects other players

A part of multiplayer gaming is enjoying playing with other players from around the world. Whether you are playing with or against other players, we know that this can sometimes lead to small arguments or disagreements. The problem is when those small conflicts turn into abusive behaviour that ruins the experience for other players.

Part of the Community Code is to treat everyone with respect. You should not harass, abuse or be hurtful towards other users. This can be in the form of in-game communication, in-game name, your pack names & more. 

Here are a few examples of what can be be considered inappropriate:

● Harassing other users, including but not limited to threats

● Hate Speech, racism & other discriminatory language

● Excessive swearing

● Sexually explicit content

● Bullying

● Using offensive character names or clan / pack names

(TL;DR): Respect everyone, don’t be a bully!

Rule 2: Community respects the rules of the game

In other words, NEVER CHEAT!

Cheating can have many forms, but the idea is always the same – you try to gain advantage outside of the rules of our games. 

One great example is the use of third party software. Third party software consists of using unapproved tools that can/do manipulate yours or other people’s gameplay. When you alter the game’s functionality, the third party software can provide unfair advantages while putting both your account and privacy at risk. Third party software includes but is not limited to:

● Modifications, hacks or programs that alter the game’s functionality;

● Any software and/or programs that modify or provide progress that was not done in a legitimate way;

● Automated scripts, bots or services that create gameplay progress on your behalf.

Cheating is not only using third party tools. The abuse of exploits or bugs in the game that can provide an unfair advantage is also considered cheating.

We also want it to be clear that the use of emulators are considered third party software. We do not provide official support for them and they can result in account restrictions.

(TL;DR): Cheating sucks and it’s against our rules.

Rule 3: One Account, One Player

The dedication, the time, the experience belong to the individual and should not be shared with others.

So what do we mean? Account buying, selling, sharing or giving away ownership of your game account is against our Terms and Conditions and is not endorsed by Rage Quit Games. 

Taking part in buying, selling, sharing or giving away game accounts gives a false sense of progress with unrealistic expectations. We always encourage a player to progress their own account and take pride in what they achieve.  When you take part in any of the mentioned options, it contains risks that can include but are not limited to:

● The seller may try to recover the sold account and steal both your money and the account;

● You cannot be sure that the seller will provide you the account once you pay for it;

● The account you are purchasing could be due to be permanently banned due to previous modifications;

● Even if you spend money on an account that you bought, the account could be permanently closed due to previous offenses on the account;

● If an account has been bought, sold or shared, it will not be secure and we will not be able to provide support for a compromised account;

● You cannot be sure that the original account owner will stop using the account at the same time and risk compromising it;

● While sharing an account, the person with whom you share it may spend your in-game currency (gems, coins, experience etc.) in a way you don’t agree to. This would not be restored;

● While sharing an account, if the person who shares with you breaches any points of our fair play policy, your account is at risk of being permanently muted, banned or deleted.

(TL;DR): Buying, selling, sharing or giving accounts is bad. Do the work yourself.

Rule 4: Be aware of bad players and never become one

In addition to things mentioned in the other rules, here are some additional things considered as unacceptable behaviour and breaches of the Community Code.

● Impersonating any staff members;

● Refund abuse;

● Misuse of in-game chat for scamming, advertisements or spamming; 

● Encouraging others to break rules;

● Asking for or providing personal contact information;

● Phishing other players’ accounts.

(TL;DR): Don’t become someone who ruins the game for others.

Rule 5: Community seeks harmony

Being a victim of toxic behavior in games can be tough. If you ever feel bullied, don’t keep it inside. Talk to your friends (in-game and outside of it) or to your family. If you don’t feel you have someone to talk to, you can also find help online.

If you let us know what is happening we may also be able to take action against the bully. Please, see ‘How can I report a player’ below.

(TL;DR): If you feel you are being harassed, don’t keep this to yourself! 

Rule 6: All actions have consequences

Taking part in any misconduct in regard to the Community Code or our Terms and Conditions can lead to punishments which include, but are not limited to:

● Temporary chat restrictions;

● Permanent chat restrictions such as the removal of chat functionality;

● Temporary account restrictions (temporary ban);

● Permanent account restrictions such as your account being closed (permanent ban or account deletion);

(TL;DR): Breaking the Community Code or Terms and Conditions can result in severe punishments.

How can I report a player?

If you feel like you have evidence of someone breaching any of our terms of service or the conduct stated above then, please follow these steps to report a player:

●      You can send us a ticket to 

●      While in-game you can open up the scoreboard and click the “Report player” button*. 

Please make sure to include as much evidence and details regarding the incident as possible when sending in a report. All reports are reviewed by our trained moderation team. If you feel you have received an unjustified penalty, also please contact our support team and we will review your request.

Please be aware, filing false reports to harass another user and to attempt to get them punished without a valid reason can result in your account facing penalties as well. 

*This option may not be available in all of our games.

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